Zimmerman Likes Arlington Business Like Foxes Like Chickens

I'm a small 'boutique' business person in Ballston. Whatever Mr. Zimmerman says about making Arlington more conducive to small business, fact is that he and the County Board have as much sympathy for the problems of small business as foxes have for chickens. This is the same Chris Zimmerman who imposed a business improvement district on us in Ballston at the last County Board meeting.

Worst is the Chamber of Commerce that goes along with raptors like Zimmerman, Tejada, Hynes, Favola, and Fisette. Even worse are worthless so-called Chamber of Commerce boosters like McCafftonelli whose blurbs in support of Reitminister Zimmerman read like something out of a cheap detective novel.

All they want is more business taxes for their unnecessary and extravagant mega-projects. And giving corporate welfare to the sleazy weasels who run the out-of-state REITs.

T.Y. - 22201