Federal Employees May Spend 'Many Days' on Unpaid Furlough

Hello Ms. Yupette:

Thanks for this blog.

I'm very uneasy about the Arlington County Board spending so extravagantly on projects like the Columbia Pike streetcar, which I understand will cost $138 million for a dozen streetcars.

I work for a large federal non-defense, non-national security agency and the talk is of one or two unpaid furlough days for federal non-military, non national security employees during FY 2012. That would be 12 or 24 days that we would not be paid.

I cannot support anyone in local government who is spending so extravagantly as the Arlington County Board and Arlington School Board members. There is apparently no consideration for taxpayers, only spending charade after spending charade orchestrated by the County Board and School Board, whether the spending is for pet projects like streetcars or pet non-profits like Marymount University. This has been going on for two decades with no end in sight. We are governed by irrational and irresponsible people and it's bi-partisan, Republicans are rubber stamps for the County's extravagant spending. Who speaks for us? A few local activists who are fed up, as we are. The newspapers are shills for local government and promoters of the status quo.

Thanks again for your blog.