Zimmerman's Local Opinions Comments in Post Were Deceptive

Hello, Yupette,

I have to completely disagree with Chris Zimmerman's self-serving comments on the Post's Local Opinions page in yesterdays's Metro Section. Chris Zimmerman is largely responsible for the need for I-66 widening and HOT Lanes on I-95.

Same Chris Zimmerman who approved massive so-called "Smart Growth" redevelopment near I-66 and I-395. At least 30,000 new parking spaces have been constructed in Arlington since 2000, arterials are jammed and tens of thousands of workers have been gentrified out of Arlington since Chris Zimmerman was elected to the County Board. Now we are hearing the same self-serving rhetoric that we heard about WMATA - everyone except Chis Zimmerman was responsible for WMATA's problems. No way do I buy that.

Larry - 22201