O'Leary's Vehicle Tax Decal Program Will Cost Taxpayers Over $1 Million

Hello, Yupette,

Thank you for hosting this blog. Do you want to know how much County Treasurer Frank O'Leary's vehicle decal program will cost Arlington's taxpayers this year? At least $1 million. Most of which will be paid in staff salaries to maintain and promote this program. The rest for printing, mailing, and tracking the vehicle decals. Also, the school system is getting more involved in a contest to choose the most attractive decal. This has become another vanity program that gets more absurd every year. Fairfax County ended its vehicle decal program several years ago and transferred the staff who were messing with decals to personal property tax enforcement. Two hundred fifty years ago Americans were outraged by the Stamp Act imposed by the British. O'Leary's vehicle tax decal is nothing more than a tax stamp. Time to end O'Leary's idiotic program before it becomes a yearly festival costing Arlington taxpayers who knows how many millions.

Ted - 22202