No More EFC 'Planning' Until Basics Are Addressed

Hello, Yupette,

I share Anne's concerns about East Falls Church 'planning'. I was very disheartened to hear about Chris Zimmerman's statements at last week's Civic Federation meeting. There is no concern by Mr. Zimmerman, or anyone else on the County Board, about overcrowded schools, overcrowded parks, massive congestion at the EFC Metro station, and major traffic problems arising from megadevelopment of EFC. And they want to turn our parks and playgrounds into another team sports complex. Now we are hearing that Mr. Zimmerman will bring one of Congressman Moran's out-of-state developer friends and a big-time Democratic campaign contributor in to coordinate all the development on both sides of the Arlington-Falls Church border. However, there is a big local developer that pays taxes in Falls Church located down the street from the EFC Metro station. And the local newspapers, the News-Press and the Sun Gazette, are endorsing this.

The so-called Planning Commission is a group of hand-picked pro-development facilitators who will rubber stamp anything Mr. Zimmerman puts in front of them no matter what the consequences for communities like ours.

It's time we said 'enough' to Mr. Zimmerman, whose 'vision' for Arlington is nothing short of the total urbanization of Arlington with tax revenues arising from that to be used to pay for $500 million of the County Board's pet vanity projects.

Kim, East Falls Church