County Board Prevailed Over VDOT's HOT Lanes - What About East Falls Church?

Hi Yupette.

Our family moved from an apartment in South Arlington to a single-family home in East Falls Church fifteen years ago. My family needed more room. So we purchased a single-family home on a medium size lot in East Falls Church and we've made modest improvements. We live on a quiet street. We have two children and lead a comfortable, but not extravagant, lifestyle.

I completely oppose the "Shirlingtonization" of East Falls Church. I am also appalled by the hypocrisy that Chris Zimmerman and the County Board have exhibited regarding EFC re-development. They spent over $1.5 million suing VDOT to protect Shirlington, Fairlington, Claremont, etc. from HOT Lanes. And they are going to spend tens of millions more protecting South Arlington from BRAC traffic.

How about East Falls Church? How have we become a "re-development opportunity" for Chris Zimmerman, the County Board, the REITs and the developers? Zimmerman stated at the last County Board Meeting that the EFC community contacted Zimmerman about redevelopment. Not true. Zimmerman contacted his pet Democrats in EFC and had them make an issue about the "deteriorated" state of Lee Highway at the Arlington-Falls Church border. Before Zimmerman got going on his latest arterial mega-development crusade County Government could care less about East Falls Church.

How about VDOT, the EFC Metro Station, and the 100,000 and more commuters who will descend on the EFC Metro Station morning and evening rush hours? Chris Zimmerman doesn't want to talk about that. Who sued VDOT over I-66 widening? Not Arlington County, it was the Green Party. I guess when East Falls Church is on the point of becoming a total G-D mess, thanks to Chris Zimmerman's "Planning Commission" there will be an "emergency task force" to deal with Chris "Guru of Gridlock" Zimmerman's traffic fiasco.

The so-called "Planning Commission" will hold a meeting on February 8th at the Navy League Building on Wilson Boulevard to rubber stamp "REIT Fuhrer" Zimmerman's mega development plans for EFC. The next EFC "Community Meeting" will be held at Resurrection Lutheran Church on February 9th. The next County Board Meeting will be on February 12th.

It's time for us to take the control and direction of our lives away from slimey politricksters like Chris Zimmerman who are only looking for more mega-deals to fund their pet vanity mega-projects while we suffer the consequences.

Anne - East Falls Church