Williamsburg Middle School Principal Forced Out for Opposing Murphy-Garvey-Raphael Recreation-Socialization-Remediation Agenda

Hello Ms. Yupette,

Why was Kathy Francis forced out as Principal of Williamsburg Middle School? Because her focus was on EDUCATION, not on Patrick Murphy's, Libby Garvey's, and Abby Raphael's Anti-Education 'Recreation-Socialization-Remediation' agenda.

This happened before in Arlington - at Abingdon Elementary School in the late 90's. The then-Principal almost destroyed the school by attempting to make Abingdon School a "Party Zone". With the concurrence of Libby Garvey and Mary Hynes. Only after Abingdon School descended into chaos was the Principal replaced. By none other than Meg Tuccillo. It took YEARS for Abingdon School to recover. Concomitantly, Libby Garvey and Mary Hynes fought SOLs.

Now we have a Schools Superintendent who has a Ph.D. in Recreation. This (Arlington Yupette) blog warned everyone what was coming - the New Wakefield High School was designed as a recreation-remediation complex with classrooms.

Libby Garvey, Mary Hynes, and Abby Raphael are unfit to hold public office. Patrick Murphy is fit to be athletics director of a midwestern university.

Thank you Kathy Francis, for always putting EDUCATION FIRST.

Barbara - Heatherlea 1995-1999, Williamsburg 1999-2011