"County Staff" Support I-395 HOT Lanes, I-66 Widening

Hello, Yupette,

With so many County Staff who live outside Arlington County it's interesting to hear what their take on I-395 HOT Lanes and I-66 widening is. They want both. Or that's what they say around the water coolers at 2100 Clarendon Blvd.

Also interesting to see who is playing hardball in the General Assembly with the County Board over I-395 HOT Lanes - Delegate Tim Hugo, who represents the 40th District and lives in Clifton. Who else lives in Clifton and makes the commute to Arlington via I-66 or I-395 every weekday? None other than Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan. And a laundry list of other department heads. Could some (of several hundred) County Staff who live in the Clifton area be complaining to Delegate Hugo about their terrible commute to work via I-66 and I-395? Too bad investigative journalism is dead, or we'd know who from County Staff has been lobbying Delegate Hugo.