Civ Fed / County Board Meetup - County Board Will Fast Track Pet Projects

Hi Yupette,

I attended tonight's County Board - Civic Federation joint meeting tonight. No surprises. The County Board will fast-track its pet projects - Pike and Crystal City trolleys, Longbridge Park Aquatic Center, and recreation and entertainment priorities. Funding for the luxuries will be obtained by cutting the basics and raising taxes and fees.

It was interesting to hear Jay Fisette state that taxpayers could save a lot of money if the County and Dominion Resources accelerated the replacement of old energy-inefficient streetlights. But that's something that Dominion is not about to let happen.

Zimmerman became animated about how many benefits his Pike trolley will bring to the local economy. He isn't worried about the cost, estimated to be between $140 and $200 million. He could care less about current residents being displaced by gentrification.