ACE March Expo - Mostly Green Gimmicks

Hello Yupette,

Nice to see a few corporations and organizations at ACE's Green Living Expo offered products and services that can save Arlington residents a lot of money while saving the environment. High efficiency insulation, replacement windows, and on-site solar water heating are three.

But on balance, Arlingtonians for a Green Environment hosted another Green Gimmick Expo in an energy pig of a building - Washington and Lee High School. Why are corporations like Dominion Resources invited? All Dominion ever does is make promises about developing this or that alternative energy source to (eventually) replace coal and nuclear generating plants. Dominion is to Green energy and Barbara Favola is to homeless shelters. Then there's the Sierra Club ;-{

I had to laugh when I asked the guy who was showing off his $41,000 Volt hybrid whether he could recharge the batteries from solar panels on the roof of his garage. He said No.

Speaking of Washington and Lee High School, for the 1/4 the cost of all the fancy ironwork and unnecessary amenities W & L could heated by solar and geothermal.