Chairman Zimmerman to 'Listen' to Arlington Business on March 31st

Hey Yupette,

So County Board Chairman Zimmerman is going to 'listen' to Arlington businesspersons tomorrow at the Clarendon Ballroom, between 7 and 10 PM.?

So, here are a few questions I'd like to ask the Reitsfuhrer:

Why did you increase the residential real estate tax rate this year? Wasn't that to fund a $5.7 million County Board 'slush fund' to buy votes from special interest groups?

Why will we have to pay $139 million to build a streetcar system for Columbia Pike that will put no more than 14 streetcars on the Pike?

Why do funds continue to be stripped from the Rosslyn BID to fund the Artisphere, and when will that end?

Why does the County Board allow the County Treasurer to build a wasteful, extravagant, and unnecessary vehicle decal program?

Why do you allow the Commissioner of the Revenue to set up a tax collection bureaucracy that competes with the State of Virginia's?

Speaking of bureaucracies. why do so many departments in Arlington's bureaucracy consist of managers and employees seeking to 'make work' to justify their continued employment?

Ted, 22205