Two Site Plans = 1092 Residential and Retail Parking Spaces

Hello Ms. Yupette:

The Site Plan Review Committee (composed of County Board-selected 'Community Leaders' who will rubber-stamp anything Boss Zimmerman puts in front of them) approved two site plans last evening. One, Virginia Square Towers, will contain 631 residential and retail parking spaces. The other, the Rosenthal Auto Dealership site, will contain 461 residential and retail parking spaces. Total parking spaces from these two site plans is 1092.

I live off South Walter Reed Drive. We are already seeing a big influx of traffic from Shirlington redevelopment. We will soon experience a lot more traffic once the BRAC 133 complex is opened to employee on-site parking, within 6 months.

Who is looking out for us here? Certainly not the County Board and the people the County Board hires and appoints.

Cindy, Fairlington