County Board Ignores EFC Residents, Advertises EFC Redevelopment

Hello, Yupette,

I was appalled by today's County Board Meeting. Appears that the County Board makes its 'planning' decisions in secret based upon secret communications and secret deals arranged by county staff, developers, REITS, consultants, industry groups, and other 'interested parties'.

Concerned EFC residents who expressed grave reservations about massive redevelopment of their single-family residential communities (EFC, Westover, and Williamsburg) were totally ignored by the County Board, and were treated like children by Barbara Favola and Mary Hynes.

As Arlington Yupette has repeatedly stated, the County Board considers Arlington's suburban residential communities to be 'redevelopment opportunities' for any and all developers, REITs, and other 'interested parties'.

Time to Vote the Bums Out.

Ted - EFC