County Board Spends Little Time on Activities Related to Governance


We wondered what County Board members do when they are in their offices at 2100 Clarendon Boulevard. So we investigated. Turns out that they are heavily engaged in politics, self-promotion, making secret deals with developers and special interests, meeting with fellow politicians and with selected 'community leaders', making arrangements to attend functions with political and community supporters, rehearsing County Board and other meetings, and being briefed by and giving orders to County Staff about how to facilitate projects like East Falls Church redevelopment and frustrate citizens who oppose mega-development projects like Crystal City, East Falls Church, and O'Connell-Marymount sports complex.

Even more troubling is how little County Staff care about the Arlington communities whose interests they are suppose to be serving.

Only about 15% of the County Board's time spent outside meetings is related to the actual governance of Arlington County.