Favola, County Board Members Use County Employees to Provide Personal and Political Services

Hello, Ms. Yupette,

I've heard Barbara Favola and Chris Zimmerman vent their anger at County Employees once too often, most recently because last night's County Board Meeting did not go their way.

Barbara Favola, Chris Zimmerman, Walter Tejada and occasionally Mary Hynes and Jay Fisette use County Employees to provide a wide variety of personal and political services, ranging from personal chauffeur service to coordinating political events and activities. This is not what we were paid and hired to do, which is constituent service. If you work for the County Board and express reservations about what you're asked and required to do for them, you are abused, and then you are gone.

BTW, Chris Zimmerman is a mess and needs a psychiatric consultation, ASAP.

Anon. County Staff