Post Editor Rants at Clement for Being 'Anti-Growth'

Hey, Yupette,

Think Patricia Sullivan's article in yesterday's Post Metro section was biased towards the County Board incumbents running for re-election? Post Editor Lee Hockstader, who's on the Post's Editorial Board, ranted for fifteen minutes at County Board candidate Audrey Clement last night for being "anti-growth."

Hockstader would not let Audrey explain she's not anti-growth but wants the County Board to carefully evaluate the potential effects of future mega-development on neighborhoods like Crystal City before actual planning begins.

The Washington Post Company has generated considerable anger among Alexandria residents who recently learned that the Post engaged in secret negotiations with the City of Alexandria over mega-development of its warehouse properties on the Alexandria waterfront.

Appears that the Post's Editorial Board had its mind made up long ago about any political candidate who, for any reason, opposes unrestricted high density growth inside the Beltway.

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