Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board


We carefully evaluated the three candidates for Arlington County Board for several months. We attended debates and forums, viewed County Board meetings, and watched the three candidates interact with voters. Arlington Yupette does not accept advertising. We do not have any connection to local businesses, corporations, non-profits, or lobbying groups (e.g., Arlington Chamber of Commerce).

We endorse Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board. She has proven herself to be by far the best candidate.

Moreover, we urge voters to vote for Audrey Clement and only for Audrey Clement on Tuesday. We simply cannot afford four more years of helter-skelter mega-development, planned in secret by the County Board's crony capitalists, that ignores the costs and effects of vastly increased density on taxpayers, schools, transportation, housing, and the environment. Nor can we afford four more years of expensive wants funded before basic needs. Both Mary Hynes and Walter Tejada used increasingly disingenuous statements and platitudes about housing, transportation, and education needs as the campaign progressed. They cannot be trusted to protect and preserve, let alone improve, Arlington's suburban quality of life.

As for the claim that Audrey Clement is 'too negative' one only needs to examine her platform. What's 'negative' about retrofitting renewable energy to older schools? It's done all the Alexandria.

The endorsement of County Board incumbents Hynes and Tejada by the Washington Post and Sun Gazette should be discounted. Both newspapers are riddled with corporate and editorial conflicts of interest.

The choice for County Board is clear, four more years of the same or a turn towards fiscal, social, and environmental responsibility. Therefore, we endorse Audrey Clement for Arlington County Board.

Cindy and Susan