'Sorry Your Candidate Lost...'

Hello, Yupette,

Sorry the candidate you endorsed lost. Audrey Clement was and is the best candidate. I understand she may run again in a special election for County Board. She did well for someone who was only able to spend, what, $8,000? That's less than 10% of the contributions Hynes and Tejada received.

A big reason Audrey lost is the media. The Post's Editorial Board only wants to relate to the region's mover's and shakers. Check out their bios. They live in Maryland and DC. They don't want to relate to anyone who isn't upscale and trendy. They will never have positive things to say about a candidate who would question the Washington Post Company's inside the beltway development deals.

As for the local media, you have a yellow dog Democrat publishing the Falls Church News Press. And the Sun Gazette? When a newspaper's ad sales person approaches a campaign at a public event and demands the campaign make a big ad purchase in return for positive campaign coverage, that tells me that 'journalistic ethics' is dead at the weekly newspapers.

Finally, if the voters want mega-infill redevelopment, they will suffer the consequences --- sooner than they think.

Thanks to Audrey Clement for running for County Board.

Kathy - 22203