Fed Up Citizens to County Board: Scrap the Pike Trolley and Artisphere - Pave Arlington's Crumbling Streets Instead !

Hello, Yupette,

I am totally disgusted with Zimmerman and his Groupies who put their own wants, special interests, and corporate cronies first on their priority list.

I own a bicycle and bicycle to work at least once a week.

People, our streets and roads are crumbling. They're a hazard to bicyclists and pedestrians and will soon be a hazard to motorists.

Where are our tax dollars going? Not on basic infrastructure maintenance and upgrades. Our taxes are being spent on sports, recreation, and entertainment projects promoted by Zimmerman, Fisette, Tejada, and Hynes. Latest from Fisette is another live theater to compete with the Artisphere. Latest from Tejada is a regulation indoor soccer field to be constructed at Long Bridge Park. And, according to County Transportation Staff, the projected cost of Zimmerman's Pike trolley has reached $300 million.

These four turkeys are going to meet tomorrow with their so-called County Manager (who told them when they hired her that she would never move to Arlington, no matter how much they paid her) to approve their '2012 Management and Planning Work Plan'. A plan for more trolleys, soccer fields, swimming pools, and live theater. Maybe 'Libby' will join them. After all, she went right along with Zimmy's plans for the Wakefield Recreation, Entertainment, Sports, and Remediation Center.

Karen S. 22206