Enough CivFed R-and-E Charades - Time for a Tax Cut !

Hello Yupette,

Arlington Civic Federation is meeting tonight and its Revenues and Expenditures Committee will most likely go through the same charade budget 'analysis' as last year - recommending the County Manager's FY 13 budget with a 1/2 cent tax increase.

Well, enough of these charades. I want an across-the-board tax cut this year. If the Pike trolley is scrapped the commercial real estate tax surcharge can be cut in half. If the County Board implements Audrey Clement's fiscally responsible management agenda homeowners can get a 2 cent tax cut this year instead of a 2 1/2 cent tax increase.

As for the Arlington County Taxpayer's Association (ACTA) and its president, Tim Wise, he should be calling for Mary Hynes to retire rather than praising her for finally revealing that she and the County Board have been on a tax-and-spend binge ever since she was first elected. By the way, where was Tim when the outrageous designer fence for the wastewater treatment plant came before the County Board?

Enough is enough. I'm not supporting anyone running for any political office who goes along with any tax increase for FY 13.

Peter - 22203