School System, County Insiders Tolerate 'Hundreds' of Non-Resident Students Attending Arlington Schools

Hey, Yupette,

So a few Civic Federation Delegates are finally concerned about the 500+ students who aren't legally Arlington residents attending Arlington schools? About time. Another scheme that's been allowed to continue far too long, at a cost to taxpayers of $18,400 per student per year.

Since when is it OK for parents who move out of the County to keep their kids in Arlington's schools until they graduate? Since Libby Garvey, Mary Hynes, and other Machine Democrats were first elected to the School Board, 15 years ago. Lately it's gotten worse. Nice that a few people are finally complaining. Only reason that's happening is because of school overcrowding.

Who to blame? The insiders who control Arlington County and have given the schools an extra $5 million to $10 million a year to perpetuate this 'gimme' to their friends, including County employees, who move out of the County.

I agree that BOTH the school system and county government badly need an Inspector General. And I am NOT going to vote for any incumbent for any elected office.

Jeff, 22205