County Board Imposes Massive Censorship on Pike Bus Alternatives Information

Hello, Yupette,

I tried to find information about articulated buses, double deck buses, hybrid city buses and other rubber-tired transit buses that the County is supposed to be evaluating for service on the Pike. Information about anything except streetcars has been totally censored by the County Board. The Columbia Pike Library had no information when I visited last week.

Appears that the news media and blogs (except for your blog) have also been threatened in various ways. That's what one person who works for the for-profit blogs told me when I called to ask why no information about articulated or double deck buses has ever appeared on the blog.

It's totally unacceptable for us to be stuck with a $200 million transit system where the streetcars will sit for days on the Pike if the power goes out for days. We can have a great bus system on the Pike for much much less.

Thanks for your blog.

Pike Rider