Mountaintop Coal Would Power Pike Streetcar

Hey, Yupette,

Who does the $ierra Club think it's fooling about "green energy" powering the Pike streetcar. The coal companies are going to be blowing the tops off mountains for decades to get at the coal to generate the electric energy to power everything in Virginia, including the Pike and Crystal City streetcars, if the County Board is foolish enough to build streetcar systems on the Pike and Crystal City. Any 'green' electric power generated in the Northeast and Southeast is miniscule compared to the power generated from mountaintop coal and nuclear reactors. The 'green' power Dominion buys and resells (almost all generated out-of-state) at a big mark up is a tiny fraction of all the electric power consumed by Dominion's customers.

Next generation of city buses will likely be powered by compressed natural gas fuel cells. Prototype CNG fuel cell buses are already being tested. Save our mountains, clean air, and water. Scrap planning for the Pike and Crystal City trolleys.