Mazda 6 Tourer review

Mazda 6 Touring is a spacious, well designed and commercial rivaling the Ford Mondeo

Mazda 6 Touring estate has lots of space, lots of technology, but does not cost much to run. Mazda is in philosophy "SKYACTIV" that focuses fuel economy and low CO2 emissions, making it an excellent choice for company car and a family car cheap developed. It will be cheaper than a VW Passat, Ford Mondeo or Opel Insignia Sports Tourer long. There are three trim levels available and diesel engines, a choice of petrol and super-efficient. The equipment on the SE includes 17-inch alloys, air conditioning, cruise control and a touch screen of 5.8 inches.
Touring Mazda 6 is one of the most beautiful beaches on the market and make goods Mondeo, Passat and insignia dull in comparison. It takes style sedan, designed to resemble an animal will move, and sends the view of the body succession. This is actually a shorter wheelbase than the sedan, but shares the same chrome "wings" built-in grill with DRL and character lines similar down the sides. Roofrails the money and window chrome surrounds him a high-end look and the rear license plate chrome surround, the grille design reflects.
Despite its size, the Mazda 6 Touring does not feel awkward or think big. Instead, there is a broad-based position with good visibility. Petrol engines feel more athletic, with a good response and smooth power, but diesels are featured here. The 173bhp powerful diesel mated to a six-speed manual is the fastest, with a 7.9 seconds 0-62mph time, performed in a calm and elegant. But the other engines are not lazy, either. The ride is comfortable, and body control is good, showing that the Mazda 6 is designed with fun in mind.
The Tourer 6 is not short of safety features, including a plurality of airbags, ABS, and even a standard anti-kickback snap in the field. Each model is also equipped with an emergency braking system called "Smart City Brake Support" (CSSB), the sensation of a collision with a stationary object radar front to prevent the car to a stop complete. radar system can also cruise control active option that maintains a safe distance from the vehicle ahead, and sports warning system of blind can be used. A three year 60,000 mile warranty is standard industry, but Mazda has built a reputation of reliability in its 80 year history. He finished 17 of 30 in the 2012 survey-conductor power front Volkswagen.
During the 6 can Tourer Ford Mondeo trunk (1.740 liters compared to 1632 liters with the rear seats folded down), it is still competitive. 6 The Tourer is not only waiting, though, as my greatest dimensions, it offers more space inside and front passenger, with its extended roofline him. Clear advantage over the rear margin Mazda 6 Sedan There is also a selection of cubbies with pockets and cupholders. But while the door bins capable of a one-liter bottle is, their shape, they are not able to carry anything else.
So this "SKYACTIV" fuel economy things, anyway? The Tourer 6 shows that this is the case, the display of large numbers mpg and low CO2 tickets for low taxation. Diesel engine 2.2-liter 148bhp is the most efficient 64.2mpg and 116g/km return CO2. You need mid-level SE-L in order to achieve these numbers, though, as it comes with the new i-ELOOP regenerative braking. This is an improvement of about 18 to 21 percent compared to the previous model, but crucial before the Ford Mondeo 2.0-liter diesel 0.7-57 mpg and 129g/km. It takes less than 1.6 liter diesel Mondeo Estate to improve the figures Mazda, with the smallest engines 65.7mpg and 114g/km CO2 Ford CEO. Honda Accord can not match either with 51.4mpg and 143g/km their best.