Porsche Cayenne GTS - First Drive Review

What is it?
Cayenne already be one of the most athletic of all the SUV, but Porsche is Porsche, there's always room for one more driver-oriented version, right? The new version of the current Cayenne GTS - led for the first time on British roads - revives a formula that ballistics are very popular in the previous generation, hanging into the line-up between the S and V8 gasoline turbo with a more focused suspension set that promises to go make the best of the lot.
With a body kit that includes bumper Turbo prior to admission and a large roof spoiler important and blackout exterior trim, which is GTS to look as close as a beautiful Cayenne is likely to get even, and no doubt a Porsche when in a bright exterior color specified and black rims. Inside the interior with leather and Alcantara with contrast stitching, including excellent sport seats front is covered, while the rear seat is shaped with two instead of three.
How is it?
Sharpened revised with the regular 4.8-liter naturally aspirated V8 engine from 394bhp to 414bhp and gear through rapid shift eight-speed automatic and a short final drive ratio, the GTS offers performance in a heavy crunchy sensitive although on paper it is barely faster than a diesel S-model with the turbo significantly. It can. Slightly hyperactive at low speeds and kickdown, forget when in the drive, but it responds well to shift gears manually via shift paddles The naturally aspirated V8's pleasant in the upper half of the rev range.

More importantly, as the GTS handles and the level of interaction between man and machine. With a lower level tower (about 20 mm, when the air suspension is fitted) and supported by PDCC active anti-roll bar and Torque Vectoring (two must-have options on this model safely), the GTS is more physics Cayenne defies generally. His agility is pretty remarkable for a two-ton SUV, and there are positive feeling through the steering perfectly weighted and sport seats, while comfortable.

Can travel on the roads of Great Britain to be a bit jiggly with PASM adaptive suspension sport mode and strangely wrong in comfort, but in the normal balance of body control versus ride comfort is correct. Basically, you should not suffer these passengers in any way for the additional call GTS driver. In fact they are very good in a beautiful and spacious (although the key litter) supports cabin.
Should I buy?

For the ultimate in crazy-fast SUV, the Cayenne Turbo 493bhp model still the go-to, but otherwise it is the cheapest £ 20k ​​GTS is probably the choice of the current range, especially if you drive more of a secretly 911th As a Porsche sports car, it is the balance between the driver. Attractiveness and ease of use on site

Porsche Cayenne GTS
Price £ 67.147, 0-62mph 5.7sec, 162 mph top speed economy 26.4mpg (combined) CO2 251g/km, curb weight 2065 kg, V8, 4806cc, petrol, 414bhp at 6500rpm power; ft of torque at 3500rpm £ 380, Box 8 - spd automatic