Arlington Republicans and Democrats Agree: 'Never Mind the FY14 Budget, Party's Over Here at the U.S.S. Arlington'

Hey Yupette,

Want to know why both the Dems and Repubs told the County Board to "raise our taxes, please" at Saturday's County Board meeting? Because the FY14 Budget and taxes aren't a priority this year. What IS the #1 Priority of the VIPs from both parties? The massive Pay-to-Play Extravaganza set for the U.S.S. Arlington's commissioning ceremony the week before the ceremony, on April 6th.

Just check out the Dems and Repubs at a recent pre-commissioning dress rehearsal at (or just search "USS Arlington Sponsor's Reception: Arlington TV).

Obviously, all the pre-commissioning dress rehearsals are costing Arlington taxpayers a fortune, but what can we do when ALL the County's VIPs want to throw galas and parties and hook up with companies and organizations that will "pay to play"?

Joan 22207