Time for Arlington County Employee VIP Decision Makers to Live in Arlington County


In response to several requests, A,Y. recently researched Arlington's VIP County employees to determine how many actually live in Arlington. The answer - very few. By VIP we mean the County Manager, her deputies, assistants, and department heads with key decision-making authority over plans, projects, and agendas that determine our quality of life. Among the comments posted to this blog are several that stated: "Arlington County is run by non-residents, for non-residents".

It's completely unacceptable to us to have non-residents who live in semi-rural outer suburbs to cram as much density as possible into our tiny county to benefit REITs and developers who live in similar protected enclaves - sometimes in the same enclave. In the event you are unfamiliar with what a semi-rural outer suburb looks like, we enclose a photo of Clifton, Virginia, home of Arlington County Manager Barbara Donnellan.

Apparently it's too much to ask the County Board to require its VIP employees (many with household incomes above $300,000) to find an upscale home in Arlington and be liable to the same consequences for the decisions they inflict on Arlington residents and taxpayers.