Maruti Alto 800 Review

Since its introduction, the new Maruti Suzuki Alto 800 - replaced like the best sellers - very good condition. Although the forces of Maruti when it comes to small cars with low costs are impressive, it is not easy task to replace a bestseller of all time. While the changes to be important, they must also profitable. And apparently the manufacturer has to do his job.

The car looks and feels quite different from the old Alto and it is very well priced. Alto base costs Rs 800 2.44 lakh and more expensive Alto LXi 800 sounds the register Rs 2.99 lakh. So, it is what it takes to continue its highly successful family tradition?

Maruti has done a remarkable job with the style of the new Alto 800th While every single body panel is new, the car is immediately recognizable as Alto. The thin gate looks pretty sporty look, while large air bumper jack with raised headlights, petal-shaped modern look - much like the Ford Figo.

Leading added to the fold in the sides and back amounts to the sporting character of the car gives a forwardly inclined position. But this eating style element in the rear lens surface, which make the rear passengers could claustrophobic. At the rear, new fees details such as large multi-element tail lamps and bumper heavily carved a little seasoning as needed. What makes the car look a bit annoying, but the massive ground clearance, it just does not work well with the compact dimensions of the car.

Maruti Alto has deliberately called 800 on the conservative side, after the market reaction shows that the distinctive style of the Hyundai Eon was not the taste of the traditional car buyers budget. Maruti has clearly played it safe in terms of the design will appeal to a wide audience.

While the Alto 800 is completely new to the outside, under the skin, there are a lot of bits on the outgoing car performed. Bottom is similar to the wheel base is the same, and the suspension and braking are almost identical. Also similar is the charging stations on the frame and shows "H" (point of the hip) seats. The engine compartment is compact, and the firewall and dash have been "optimized" to make them more efficient interior. The roof is now 15 percent higher for better headroom. The body structure has been modified to make it more rigid, to qualify in the interest of better handling and for impending crash test standards. But that has not given too much weight. The roof, for example, steel and has thinner corrugations for increasing the rigidity and a flyweight is Alto 800. Even high-end boards airbag equipped version of the scales at just 725 kg.

Interior is completely new dashboard. The curved design and the seat covers in bright colors are modern and increase overall feel of the cockpit. The dials to air quality and are easy to read. But despite these changes, the cabin of the Alto 800 still not the same air quality monitors for Hyundai Eon. You sit low enough in the Alto and the weak position of the car, up and down is a bit of a chore. The front seat itself is comfortable, but not enough under-thigh support. Seating capacity is not the best, and you tend to jump to avid readers.

Although Maruti has tried to carve out more knee room for the rear passengers with thin front seats, it is still tight and the head is not good. Storage compartments are plentiful, but the big box and bottle holders in front of the gear lever is quite innovative and the shelf above the glove compartment is very useful. The start is correct for a very compact car.

For the price of the Alto 800 is pretty well equipped. On the LXi variant you get things like standard CD/MP3 player, air conditioning, power steering and front windows. But there are some glaring omissions, especially the basics like Central, left mirror and the mirror day and night, that even the nano comes with.

The Alto 800 are further fed by the small 796cc, three-cylinder f8d primitive, but in this last incarnation, it has been significantly improved. The compression ratio was also pushed the performance improves. Now climb on the engine earlier is marginal, the pair is significant 11 percent better.

A new plastic intake manifold, not only reduces the weight of the machine, but also improves the flow of the gas and thus the volumetric efficiency. The connecting rods and crankshaft were significantly lighter and new piston and rings, low friction were used, which in turn the life of the engine. There is also a fast 32-bit processor and the engine is tested to standards for BS5.

The first thing you realize when you are in circulation is that this engine is much freer about turning the former. Alto makes it feel light and agile to drive. The responses of the throttle of the car has improved significantly and it does well for most systems. The engine is much more flexible and for this reason, the Alto now feels comfortable on the road as well. Overtaking is much easier and it only takes a quarter or two to accelerate with enthusiasm.

Than the old feel tight in the mid-range is used in a considerably improved feel relaxed and has sufficient power reserves on tap. However the engine is not perfect. It is after 4000rpm thrummy and has a tendency to jerk when the start / stop traffic negotiating the three-cylinder engine is not working properly. It also has an unstable idle who thrilled the cabin.

The performance figures are impressive here. A tough sprint to 100 has an impressive number of 16.92sec, which is a great s faster than the old 3.5 engine. Many thanks to the good performance at the upper end reaches a respectable top speed of 141kph. Acceleration speed greatly improved to. 20 80kph now takes 40 to 100 km takes 13.16sec and 22.29sec, which is much faster than the old 796cc engine.

Since the engine, ride and handling have also made a step in the right direction. Quality low-speed driving is another area where this Maruti showed a plushness you would not really associate with a city car budget. Yes, that's right fist on the bumps, but the suspension does a good job of softening the blow. On bad roads, the Alto feels out of his comfort zone and the journey is not as flat as we would like. It is a good measure of its vertical configuration smooth sweeping motion. Suspension noise is contained fairly good, although the road noise is intrusive, as you go faster.

If Alto shines the most is in the city limits. Small car, the light direction is coupled, are terrible for parking in tight spaces. The visibility is good, so that the new Alto is an ideal car for our roads always full. It's a good piece from the roll, if you go fast in a curve, but the car feels safe and in control. However, the direction of the light is no weight at higher speeds, and there are many loose to the right position.

Regarding the brakes, Alto, 800 a good pedal feel and so do many curves in panic stops.

On the energy efficiency front, the Alto has with its curb weight of light and efficient motor is designed to large, and the new Alto 800 plays true to form. He gave us 13.3kpl in the city and a decent 17.8kpl on the highway. This gives the Alto 800 a very respectable range of 540 km with a full tank.